Week 2 (January 18th-24th) 

Moderators for this week:


Hana    hprashker@aol.com

     Joanna   joannarodiki@yahoo.com       




Time to start exploring Internet-based activities.



During this week's session, we will:

  1. Look at a number of Internet-based activities.
  2. Try to relate these activities to relevant literature on EFL teaching. (So, first complete reading tasks as given on week 1)
  3. Discuss the added value of these activities in the classroom.
  4. Discuss the problems that might occur when using these activities in the classroom.
  5. Talk about coping with these problems or preventing them from occurring.



Define your learners.



Let us first start by asking a question. 


How do you define  young  learners?                                                  


Which age range are you referring to?                                                                                                                                  


Let us know by posting a message to the group at Internet4younglearners@yahoogroups.com



Activity 1 (age 5-6)

     Click here for an online dictionary 




     1.  Go to  http://www.pdictionary.com.

    2.  Download and save the comment document - Comments on activity 1.


Activity 2  (age 7-8)

     Go to 

Vocabulary and Picture Game 1 



  1. Go to Interesting Things for ESL Students at  www.manythings.org.
  2. Select Easy Things for Beginners from the column on your left.
  3. Click on English Vocabulary Games with Pictures.  
  4. Select Sports and Matching 
  5. Download and save the Comment document -   Comments on Activity 2

  6. Download and save the activities documents -  Worksheet Activity 2,   


Activity 3 (age 10-11)

     Go to Comparisons Activity.




     1.  Go to Activities for ESL students at http://a4esl.org/


     2.  Select Grammar Easy


     3.  Go to Level 2: Easy and click on Comparisons.

     4.  Download and save the comment document - Comments on activity 3.doc

     5.  Download and save the worksheet -  worksheetactivity3.doc.


More Activities:


Group discussion



Now what? After looking at both activities and the relevant supplementary material, please tell us what you think.




     Go to 

Internet4younglearnersat grouply.com


    Register and then use the whiteboard to share your thoughts with us.



Relevant reading




 Relevant Reading: Complete reading list from previous week - or  at least some of it :-)


1.  Presentations prepared by Joanna, one of our moderators.


     Teaching Young EFL Learners


     Using the Computer in the Young EFL learner Language Classroom.


2.      A Guide to Using the Internet to teach young learners. 


         Children's development


3.  Click here to be directed to a list of useful websites for those teaching young EFL learners.  


4. If you have the time you can have a look at  ELT notebook , a very interesting site with a variety of ideas and tips on what to do with young learners. 


Homework for Week 3 

  1. Create a list of useful tips while selecting online activities
  2. Look at the activities for this week's session. 
    1. Go through the comments and supplementary material for each one of them and based on the relevant literature that you read during week 1.
    2. Start preparing a list on things that you need to bear in mind when looking at online activities -Useful Tips While Selecting Online Activities-This list needs to be completed and uploaded sometime next week.  The group discussion (earlier in this page) might help you in preparing this list. 


Don't forget your project for week 5: Design your own lesson with Internet -based activities and upload it to our activity wiki at http://internet4ylactivities.pbworks.com.