This is a session of the Electronic Village Online, a project of the CALL Interest Section of TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc).


Internet4younglearners  EVO Session: January 11-February 21, 2010



     By the end of this six week session we expect participants to:     




Pre-Training (January 1st - January 10th, 2010)


     1.  Create a Yahoo email account at and set up instant messaging (IM).             

     2.  Register at Internet4younglearners at    




     3.  Read about Netiquette and then complete the Netiquette survey:   

     4.  Read <How EVO differs> at


         Week 1.  (January 11th - January 17th)    


  1. Open an account in Yahoo.

  2. Introduce yourself to the other participants by sending an email.

  3. Do some reading on teaching young learners, using the computer in the young EFL learners classroom, using the internet in the young EFL learners classroom.

  4. Start thinking about designing a lesson for your class with Internet-based activities.  This lesson will be presented to the group during week 5,


Week 2.  (January 18th - January 25th)

  1. Look at a number of Internet-based activities.

  2. Try to relate these activities to relevant literature on EFL teaching. (So, first complete reading tasks as given on week 1)

  3. Discuss the added value of these activities in the classroom.

  4. Discuss the problems that might occur when using these activities in the classroom.

  5. Talk about coping with these problems or preventing them from occuring.

Week 3 (January 25th-31st) 

  1. Share your favorite child-friendly Web sites with each other and explain how these Web sites assist your students' English language skills. 

  2. Visit and critique one of the participants' recommended Web sites.

  3. Visit a non-EFL content site for young learners that offers visual learning, simple practice, and color coding.

  4. Visit a Web site with content specifically for EFL young learners.

  5. Compare and contrast the EFL language learning-based Web site with that of the non-EFL content site specific for young learners 

  6. Complete and upload to grouply the list with Useful Tips While Selecting Online Activities.

  7. Register at Tapped In (TI) and prepare for a virtual text-based chat next week.

Week 4 (February 1st-7th) 

  1. Look at examples of projects based on e-mail communication among classes

  2. Read the lists on Useful Tips While Selecting Online Activities.

  3. Have a discussion on the points included on these lists. 

  4. Think about problems that might occur while working on the Internet with young learners.  

  5. Attend a live virtual text chat on Tapped In (TI)


Week 5 (February 8th-14th)

  1. Complete unfinished tasks

  2. Talk about problems that occur when using the Internet in the classroom and suggest possible solutions - Group discussion at grouply.

  3. Upload the lesson you have prepared at .

  4. Alternate live discussion at the Webhead's Virtual Office in LT (Learning Times).  Go to Elluminate to test your equipment (you need a headset with a microphone).  You need to register in advance at   (have a look at week 5 for more info)


Week 6 (February 15th-21st) 


Feedback by moderators and participants on the lessons prepared and uploaded at .

Evaluate our session and Complete a survey,


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